MonkeyConfig ============ MonkeyConfig is a simple configuration library for user scripts. It allows for easy creation of configuration dialog windows and takes care of storing and retrieving the configuration parameters for the script. Usage Example ------------- Tell your user script to use MonkeyConfig by placing a `@require` directive in the metadata section:
// ==UserScript==
// @name           AwesomeScript
// @require
Then, call MonkeyConfig to construct your configuration object:
var cfg = new MonkeyConfig({
    title: 'AwesomeScript Configuration',
    menuCommand: true,
    params: {
        font_size: {
            type: 'select',
            choices: [ 'Small', 'Medium', 'Large' ],
            default: 'Medium'
        auto_adjust: {
            type: 'checkbox',
            default: true
And that's pretty much it. MonkeyConfig builds a configuration dialog based on the passed data: ![Example configuration dialog](/projects/monkeyconfig/dialog.png) It also adds a menu item in the User Script Commands menu to open the configuration dialog: ![Menu item to open the configuration dialog](/projects/monkeyconfig/menu_item.png) At any time in your script, you can retrieve the value of a configuration parameter with the `get()` method:
var auto_adjust = cfg.get('auto_adjust');
and set a new value using the `set()` method:
cfg.set('font_size', 'Small');

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