jQuery Plugins

  • imgAreaSelect

    Image selection/crop plugin that lets the user select a rectangular area of an image using a simple and intuitive click-and-drag interface.

  • imgZoom

    Implements a smooth zoom effect on thumbnailed images using vector graphics (SVG or VML). Displays the full-sized image in a Lightbox-like interface which allows navigating between multiple images in a gallery.

  • selectList

    Replaces the standard HTML multiple select element with a nicer and more user-friendly interface. The user selects a number of items from a drop-down list, and the selected items are displayed below.

Other jQuery plugins:

Perl Modules

  • Arriba

    PSGI-compliant web server with SSL and SPDY protocol support.

  • Dancer::Plugin::DebugToolbar

    Debugging toolbar for Dancer web applications.

  • Dancer::Plugin::DirectoryView

    Browse directory contents in Dancer web applications

  • WebService::Amazon::Route53

    Perl interface to Amazon Route 53 DNS service API.

Other Perl modules:

Greasemonkey Scripts

Other Greasemonkey scripts:

Android Applications

  • Birthday Reminder

    Birthday Reminder icon Birthday Reminder is a simple application that shows a list of birthdays/anniversaries for your contacts, and displays notifications for birthdays ahead of time.

Other projects (assorted): MIXemu, spyps, ieFixButtons, psfbanner, ntpprobe, nulf, Font Awesome to PNG GitHub

Dead projects: WebService::EditDNS CPAN, editdns.pl