Monthly Donations: Perl Dancer and the Treatment of Czajka

It’s donations time, everybody!

Today I’m once again supporting an open source project that I’ve already donated to last year. There are many projects that I use on a regular basis or even every day, so I feel they deserve more than just a one-time donation. One of these projects is Dancer, the Perl web framework that I admire and which has been powering this site for more than two years now. Sadly, these days I don’t have as much time to contribute to the project as I had in the past (when I wrote a few Dancer plugins), so at least I’m going to help the project with my little donation.

The second of this month’s donations is to help fund the treatment of Czajka, the horse that was rescued from being sold to a slaughterhouse — as you might recall, I wrote about her last month. Medical tests revealed that Czajka suffers from a serious injury to one of her back legs which must have happened sometime in the past. She needs to undergo an operation and have the leg put in a cast, then stay in a horse hospital for two months, until the cast is ready to be removed. As you might imagine, all this costs a lot, so the Gift of Heart Foundation (who is taking care of Czajka) is accepting donations to fund it.

I hope the full amount gets raised soon and Czajka won’t have to wait much longer for her treatment to begin. If any of you, my dear readers, would like to chip in but don’t know how to proceed (because of, for instance, not understanding the Polish website of the Foundation), feel free to contact me and I’ll assist you.

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