Montly Donations: The Perl Foundation, “Przystan Ocalenie”, and Czajka

This month is the first anniversary of my monthly donations to open source software and charity organizations, as I started this initiative in May last year. Hooray!

To celebrate the anniversary, I made donations to the same organizations as I did back then, and that is to the Perl Foundation and to “Przystan Ocalenie”, the animal rescue centre.

I also made one additional donation this month — my friend Jakub told me one day that he and his workmates were collecting money to rescue an injured horse destined for slaughterhouse. I chipped in, we collected more than enough and the two-year old filly Czajka has been saved. She’s now undergoing medical tests and treatment in a horse shelter. Here’s a photo of her:

Get better soon, Czajka!

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