Monthly Donations: DAViCal and the “Friends to the Animals” Foundation

I’m back from a week-long snowboarding trip to the Stubai glacier in Austria — I had a great time, feel refreshed and have lots of energy to work on my projects. But first, let me take care of this month’s donations!

The project that I’m supporting this month is DAViCal, a calendar sharing server that implements the CalDAV protocol, written by Andrew McMillan. I’ve been using it for a few years to synchronize calendars on several workstations and mobile devices, and have nothing but praise for it. Thanks and congratulations to Andrew and the contributors to the project!

I’m also sending a donation to the “Friends to the Animals” Foundation in Katowice to help one of the dogs that they rescued — an elderly dog named Max. The dog suffered a car accident a few years ago, had one of his legs amputated, is deaf, and requires costly treatment and constant supervision by a vet.

It’s actually my second donation to the “Friends to the Animals” Foundation, as I’ve already supported them last year. My previous donation was for Manio, a cat that fell out of a window on the 10th floor and miraculously survived. I contacted the Foundation recently to find out how Manio was doing, and was very happy to hear that he’s all fine and has a new home! Here’s a photo of the lucky cat with his new owner:

All the best to Manio, Max, and all the people of the Foundation!

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