Monthly Donations: GnuPG and the Animal Shelter in Olsztyn

Yup, it’s time for another round of donations.

This month I’m supporting the GnuPG project, which is a free implementation of the OpenPGP standard, and a popular solution for encrypting e-mail messages. I’ve been using it for years, lately with Thunderbird — courtesy of the excellent Enigmail extension. GnuPG is developed and maintained by g10code, a company that was started by Werner Koch, the original author of the software — thanks guys!

I’m also making a donation to the Animal Shelter in Olsztyn, which helps homeless animals, and takes special care of elderly dogs and cats. To all the staff and volunteers of the shelter — thank you and best wishes!

I made one additional donation this month, on Feb 17th, which is celebrated in Poland as the World Cat Day. By tradition, every year on this date I make a donation to a cat, and this time it was this charming feline gentleman named Gummi Bear:

I know it’s more than a week late, but — Happy Cat Day, Gummi Bear!

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