Monthly Donations: Samba and the “Cat’s Claw” Foundation

Today I’m doing the monthly donations to open source projects and charities, for the first time this brand new year.

This month I chose to support Samba, the free software implementation of the SMB/CIFS networking protocol, which allows for interoperability between Unix/Linux and Windows systems. I used to use it a lot back in the day when there were Windows machines in my home network, nowadays not so much and mostly for print services, but still find it useful.

Samba has an impressive history of more than 20 years of existence, and just made a big leap forward with the newly released version 4.0, which is the first version that can serve as an Active Directory domain controller (not that I would want to use it, but I know many users have been waiting for that). Congratulations to the team, and thanks for a great piece of open source software!

The second donation that I’m making this month is to the “Cat’s Claw” Foundation, located in Poznan, dedicated to helping homeless animals (mostly cats, as the name implies). While browsing their website and forums, I found the touching story of Zane, a kitten that was found in a very bad condition, all sick and starving, and was saved by one of the Foundation’s volunteers. Here are two “before” and “after” photos:

The kitten got his name after one of the ninjas of the Lego Ninjago universe — pretty cool, huh? Best wishes to Zane and to all the volunteers of the “Cat’s Claw” Foundation!

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