Monthly Donations: LibreOffice and The Pegasus Foundation

It’s the jolly festive time of year and I’m mostly spending time with my family and consuming lots of pierogi, but at this very moment I’m taking a break from that to take care of the monthly donations.

This time I’m donating to LibreOffice, the free and open source office suite. It’s the Phoenix that arose from the ashes of, when the latter fell prey to the behemoth Oracle, and it’s yet another open source application that I use almost every day. The Document Foundation, which is the organization behind LibreOffice, is currently collecting funds for their 2013 budget, and my little contribution is going to support that.

My second donation is to The Pegasus Foundation, based in Warsaw, dedicated to saving horses bound for slaughter. The Foundation is in operation since 2002 and has rescued more than 170 horses, giving them a new life in children hippotherapy centers or allowing them to live out their remaining years in a safe place.

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