Supporting KeePassX and the “Sfora” Foundation

Hey, do you know what time it is? It’s time for another round of donations to free/open source software projects and charity organizations!

This month’s supported open source project is another excellent piece of software that I use on a daily basis — KeePassX password manager. It’s a cross-platform application that safely stores all your passwords and helps you manage them. It comes with some additional goodies, such as the password generator, which saves you the burden of coming up with “clever passwords”. I’ve been using KeePassX for more than two years on multiple machines and it’s been working great. Thank you, KeePassX Team, good job!

My second donation goes to the “Sfora” Foundation (“sfora” in Polish means a pack of dogs), who runs an animal shelter and organizes sterilization campaigns for stray dogs in Warsaw. Their philosophy is to protect and care for homeless animals, and at the same time work towards reducing the number of animals born into homelessness. The Foundation was recommended to me as a trustworthy organization by my friendly neighborhood veterinarian, who knows a few people involved in their activities. Best wishes to all the good people of the Fundation, and thank you for your hard work.

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