Monthly Donation Time: cURL and the “Friends to the Animals” Foundation

This month I’m not going to wait till the very last minute with my donations. Let’s do it.

The open source project that I’m supporting this month is cURL, a powerful swiss-army knife kind of utility for transferring data using various protocols. It’s most often used as command-line HTTP-testing tool, but it does waaay more than just that — look at the list of its features and be amazed. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work with web APIs, and cURL has helped me with testing lots of times. Thanks and kudos to Daniel Stenberg, the original author and project leader, and to all the contributors!

Traditionally, my second donation is not related to open source or any technology stuff, and traditionally it is to an animal charity. I’m donating to the “Friends to the Animals” Foundation in Katowice, dedicated to helping mistreated animals and raising awareness of animal welfare issues. Their website lists many stories of animals that were saved by them — I was touched by the story of Manio, a cat that fell out of a window on 10th floor and survived with just a broken leg, but his owners could not afford to pay for his treatment and wanted to put him down. The Foundation took Manio in, had him operated, and is now taking care of him while he’s recovering. Get well soon, Manio!

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