Supporting Perl Dancer and the “Last Chance” Foundation

Last month I set in motion the plan to make regular donations to open source projects and other good causes, and it’s time to do it again.

The choice of project that I’m donating to this month comes rather naturally, as it’s the project that gained most of my attention in the past twelve months, and which had a significant impact on my career — the Perl Dancer framework. Today is exactly one year since I have finished porting my website to Dancer, which was my very first experience with the framework, and through the months that followed I have used it in a number of real-life projects, developed a few plugins, and got a great contract job thanks to being experienced with it. Thank you Dancer for a great year!

The second donation that I’m making this month goes to “Last Chance”, a foundation that runs an animal shelter near Rawa Mazowiecka, my home town. I’m virtually adopting one of the dogs in the shelter — well, the choice was pretty straightforward when I saw that there was one dog that shared the first name with me! Stay strong, my dog namesake, maybe I’ll visit you one day when I’m in the neighborhood.

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