Donating to The Perl Foundation and “Przystan Ocalenie”

A few days back, me and my team of ninja rockstar web developers at Sidnet started an initiative of regularly supporting free and open source software, as well as other good causes, by donating a small amount of money every month.

Now I want to expand that initiative to my personal blog, and also make donations to open source projects and charity organizations on a monthly basis. To start off, today I’m supporting the organization behind my favorite programming language — The Perl Foundation. Thanks guys for your efforts and may Perl live long and prosper.

My second donation goes to the same organization that was supported by my company — the animal shelter “Przystan Ocalenie”. I’ve heard a lot of good things first hand about what they do and their commitment to it, and I know their needs are far greater than what they receive from their supporters, so I want to help them just a tiny little bit more.

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