Busy Busy Me

Things have been slow with my projects in the past few weeks, and that’s because most of my time is now consumed by dayjob. I’m currently working on two part-time contracts, one being a telecommute Perl job for a client in London, the other one an enterprisey Java web project here in Warsaw. This translates to roughly 11-12 hours of work a day, and while I’m used to working this many hours, there’s obviously not much time left for other things.

I hope things will settle down a bit in the next couple of days (especially with the Java project, which should go out of the hot initiation phase it’s currently in), and I’ll have more time for my stuff — especially that I have a lot of updates planned for my jQuery plugins and CPAN modules. For now, I’m trying to squeeze out a few hours every week to at least do some minor updates. So yesterday, I managed to push out a new release of Dancer::Plugin::DirectoryView.

Apologies to everyone who contacted me by e-mail (or other means) and didn’t get a reply, I promise in the next few days I’ll go through my mailbox and respond to any unanswered messages. As a general rule: if you don’t get a response from me in a day or two, feel free to write me again — it usually works.

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