SelectList 0.4.1

A new version of selectList has just been released and is available for download. This is a minor release with no new features, but it fixes a major issue that made the plugin fail in Firefox 4. I finally found enough time to work on it, and I’m happy to announce the new version works fine in the hot latest release of Mozilla’s browser — as depicted by this part of the test results table:

As usual, thanks to all the people who reported the issue.

2 Responses to “SelectList 0.4.1”

  1. Aleksa106 says:

    Hi, Michał…
    Now plug-in do not work correct with ajax function…
    and not inserted row to needed element dynamically…

  2. Aleksa106 says:

    Michał…sorry, version 0.3.3 works correctly with Firefox 4.0.1

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