SelectList 0.3.2

I’ve just rolled out a new release of selectList. It fixes a bug observed in IE7/IE8 where the hint text wasn’t shown in the select field as the initial option. Thanks to Nicolas for reporting this.

The new release isn’t available at yet — there seems to be a problem with authentication on their website and I can’t get to the submission form. I’ll upload it there as soon as they get this fixed. For now, you can just get the plugin here.

Edit: Ok, now I know what happened to the plugins website — they had to lock it down temporarily to deal with spam. Get better soon, plugins website!

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  1. Ivan says:

    I’m trying to put on a website the selectList, but not like that every time I click on the description he removed the field, I would like to close only when I click on “Close.” How can I do this because for the moment I left the option to remove “false”.
    Sorry my english, translate web

  2. Michal Wojciechowski says:

    @Ivan: As I understand, you want the items to be removed only when the red circle icon is clicked. To accomplish this, you need to change the list item template to make the icon a clickable img element (by default, it’s a background image and can’t be clicked), and add a live handler for the click event to remove the item:

    $(document).ready(function () { $('select').selectList({ clickRemove: false, template: '<li>%text%<img src="cross-circle.png" /></li>' }); $('.selectlist-item img').live('click', function () { $(this).parent().remove(); }); });

    You’ll probably want to also adjust the stylesheet a little:

    .selectlist-item { background: #fff; cursor: auto; } .selectlist-item img { float: right; cursor: pointer; }

  3. Anton says:

    When I open page, I have some selected items, how i can set in init SelectList that items are already chosen?

  4. Michal Wojciechowski says:

    @Anton: Simply set the selected attribute of those items. See “Pre-selecting options” on the examples page.

  5. Aleksa106 says:

    Big Thanks for your answer to Ivan.

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